Discover China's 10,000 Brightest Minds According to the Chinese government, there will still be an ongoing policy of selecting and funding around 10,000 brilliant PhD candidates for Full PhD Programs and Joint PhD Programs, from top universities throughout China for overseas PhD study or research in excellent universities and research institutions. Joining us at the PhD Workshop China is a great opportunity to find these talented individuals for your programs or projects.
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      欢迎参加“2023博士生国际招生面试交流会” 由中国教育国际交流协会主办的“博士生国际招生面试交流会”创办于2009年,已举办13届。“2023博士生国际招生面试交流会将于11月18日-21日在北京、上海举办。该面试交流会活动的宗旨是:为有志出国攻读博士的中国学生和国外招收博士生的学校和导师搭建一个交流、沟通与面试平台。双方利用面对面交流机会,海外院校代表向中国学生介绍博士研究生招生政策、学科项目、专业申请、奖学金信息,并直接指导申请程序、进行面试等。国内学生可获得权威、丰富、专业、准确的赴境外攻读博士研究生信息...
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