Participation Rates
        1, Reserve Interview Slots - Mandatory
        The PhD Workshop China 2022 will be held virtually again this year. Kindly be noted that each registered delegate would be assigned a unique login code to access the online iSchedule system, and firstly make online appointment with pre-registered students in iShcedule system, then each registered delegate could be entitled to launch the online interview with scheduled students by delegate's Zoom or Teams account within total 6 hours in assigned two days.

        The virtual PhD Workshop China will open to the pre-registered candidates for attending relevant online interviews in the following Beijing time at 09:00-12:00 and 15:00-18:00 during November 17-24 considering different time zones for different participating universities/institutions. It is kindly suggested that universities/institutions from the same country could select same time slots, so that we could better promote your participation as an integral national participation.

        The following two types of slots will be totally 6 hours of interview slots over two consecutive days from universities/ institutions. We will later assign the dates for the same country’s universities/institutions integrally.
        Venue Beijing Time
        Meeting Slots
        Early Bird Rates Before September 10 Final Rates After September 10
        1st Delegate Rate 2nd Delegate Rate 1st Delegate Rate 2nd Delegate Rate
        Virtual 09:00-12:00 of two days CNY10,000 CNY5,000 CNY12,000 CNY6,000
        15:00-18:00 of two days CNY10,000 CNY5,000 CNY12,000 CNY6,000
        Note: Every two delegates are regarded as a preferential group, so the second delegate is charged at half price.
        Participation rates include:
        1. Access iSchedule system for online scheduling appointment with pre-registered students;
        2. Launch online interviews with scheduled students by delegate’s Zoom or Teams account;
        3. Free entry in the Workshop E-Catalogue;
        4. Free data including the list of pre-registered students;
        5. Free promotion on PhD Workshop China website and its relevant SNS.
        2, Reserve Online Seminar Presentation (30 minutes for each session) - Optional
        Venue Dates & Beijing Time Early Bird Rates Before September 10 Final Rates After September 10
        Virtual Nov. 16, 09:00 - 11:45 CNY5,000 CNY6,000
        Nov. 16, 14:00 - 19:00 CNY5,000 CNY6,000
        REMARK: The organizer will provide a general video meeting platform for university’s each 30 minutes online seminar presentation. The online seminar will be recorded and posted at PhD Workshop China website for further promotion of your programs till April 2023.
        3, Reserve Ad - Optional
        Institutions are invited and encouraged to place advertisements in the E-Catalogue and Online Logo Banner.
        Items Placements Dimensions
        E-Catalogue Inside Full Page 117W x 215H 9,000 
        Inside Front Cover 12,500
        Inside First Page 12,000
        Online Logo Banner Hyperlink Login Webpage and Visitor Webpage 200 x 100 pixels 15,000
        a. Online Logo Banner will be placed with your institution logo and website on the Login webpage and Visitor registration webpage, where the logo banner could be seen by every visitor and could be linked to your institution website by clicking the logo.
        b. Artwork design should be more than 300(dpi) & set extra 3mm bleeding on each side for trimming, and be submitted in PDF or JPG by Oct. 31, 2022.