General Info
        PhD Workshop China 2021 - Your Gateway to Reach China's Top Postgraduates
        PhD Workshop China 2021 hosted by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE), will take place in Beijing on Nov. 20-21, and tour in Shanghai on Nov. 23.

        The PhD Workshop China since 2009 is a professional PhD student recruitment event where overseas universities and research institutes shall present their excellent PhD programs on-site, and interview the top Chinese postgraduates and PhD candidates.

        In 2007, China initiated the Postgraduate Study Abroad Program of National Construction on High-level Universities funded by China Scholarship Council (CSC) under Chinese MOE. In 2021, the scholarship program is prepared to step up its funding to 10500 PhD candidates ---- 8000 for Joint PhD Programs, and 2500 for Full PhD Programs.

        The PhD Workshop is timed in November, so that the students can meet and talk with the professors and delegates from overseas universities on site for the latest PhD programs before they get ready for CSC funding. The CSC funded program application and enrolment starts in mid-March the following year.

        For Priority Disciplines & Fields Highly Recommended by the Chinese Government, please DOWNLOAD (PDF) here.
          Workshop Objectives
          The workshop provides leading overseas graduate schools a focused opportunity to meet top graduates from the most important colleges and universities across China.

          The workshop is designed to benefit both overseas institution delegates and Chinese graduates by:
        • Providing overseas institutions with a well-managed and effective event at which they can meet and interview Chinese top graduates interested in PhD education.
        • Providing overseas delegates with a database of invited and registered students from all over China for further follow-up.
        • Offering Chinese students a platform to learn more about opportunities for PhD recruitment in foreign countries with official and reliable sources of information.
        • Giving students an opportunity to meet face-to-face with official delegates of accredited overseas universities & institutions, and to be admitted for suitalble PhD programs.
            Participation Guidelines
          • Only regionally accredited academic institutions could be represented at the workshop.
          • Institutions may be represented by authorized delegates such as faculty professors, advisors, lecturers or in-house recruiters. Delegates should be qualified to introduce the PhD programs, curriculums, scholarship and all relevant admissions policies etc. to the students.
          • No third party recruiters could be accepted. The PhD Workshop exclusively promotes direct delegate-to-candidate communication.
          • Only two delegates are permitted any time at a table during the workshop. If more than two delegates are expected, an additional table should be booked.
              Overseas Delegates
              It is expected that some 100 universities, colleges, academic research institutes and other higher learning institutions will participate at the PhD Workshop China.

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                Top Postgraduates to be Targeted
                The postgraduate students will come from the universities on three levels: State 985 Project and State 211 Project universities, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, as well as the key universities from Beijing and other parts of China. It is expected that some 2000+ postgraduates will attend the workshop in Beijing and Shanghai.

                State 985 Project State 211 Project