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Your Gateway to Reach China's Top Postgraduates
The 6th PhD Workshop China since 2009 is a professional event in China where overseas universities and research schools could present their PhD programs and network with the top Chinese postgraduates and PhD candidates.
According to the on-going new policy from 2012 to 2016, all qualified students beyond the State 985 Project and 211 Project institutions are being eligible for the Postgraduate Study Abroad Program funded by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). Learn More »
该博士生交流会今年是第六次举办,它的宗旨是,搭建一个海外院校与中国学生的交流、沟通与面试平台,为出国读博的中国学生和国外招博的学校和导师牵线搭桥,让双方利用这个机会面对面交流,使海外院校代表可以向中国学生介绍更多的博士项目学科专业、奖学金项目、及招生机会,并现场指导申请程序和进行面试等。同时,国内学生能在这里得到权威、全面、丰富、专业、准确的博士留学信息,帮助大家的博士留学之路更直接、更有效、更放心!了解详情 »
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